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  • Randy’s Changelog v1.19

    Randy’s Changelog v1.19

    [1.19] – 2022-06-27 Added Caffeine dependency (whoops) Proper affiliate links for book recommendations at /books Embedded ko-fi /donate page New /roadmap page for mapping out my plans spatially across time Pixel Engine is now “open source“ Silent live streaming experiment via Twitch Changed New iteration of /update page Made progress on Pixel Engine via design log Deprecated CrossFit (too expensive, time to hit […]

  • I messed up…

    I messed up…

    /randys-changelog-v1-18 Woahhhh, he’s fucking around with the title & subject line… Okay let’s address that big phat elephant standing over there in the corner. “but as long as it’s just this one time, and not a weekly occurrence, I’ll be fine…” – past randy I may or may not have had caffeine for the last 4 […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v1.17

    Randy’s Changelog v1.17

    G’DAY! I DID IT. After a whole Sunday of excruciating research, I managed to find a realllllly goddamn easy solution for sending this blog post as an email. I literally just installed a plugin called NewsletterGlue and in one click it scrapes the post and ships it off via MailChimp. God I love WordPress. (image […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v1.16

    Randy’s Changelog v1.16

    G’day ya fucks. Happy Tuesday. I was late in getting this bad boy out because as I’m sure you can tell, I’ve switched up the platform for these changelogs. I’ve decided to just start using my own site instead to give these weekly letters a more permanent home. The backlog for these will start building […]

  • Unity is the best game engine and has 0 flaws

    Unity is the best game engine and has 0 flaws

    At the end of last year, I came to the realisation that I was seriously lacking when it comes to shipping games. So my solution? I installed the Unity game engine. randy, this has gotta be some kind of sick joke, what the fuck? Alright, alright. Just hear me out on this one… For a […]

  • It’s ship o’clock

    It’s ship o’clock

    I suck balls at shipping projects. If you know me, this won’t come as a surprise to you. After all, I’ve been working on my “dream game” for 7 years now. So after 7 years of “development” what do I have to show for it? Nothing. I say nothing, but back when I was a […]

  • Why Patreon is flawed to the core, and how to fix it

    Why Patreon is flawed to the core, and how to fix it

    There’s many different ways to earn a living as a creator, but in the context of a consistent living, there’s very few. That’s pretty much what you’re signing up for when you head down this path though. You’re trading in the stability of a 9-5 for the freedom of living on your own terms. That […]

  • My thoughts on becoming a generalist

    My thoughts on becoming a generalist

    If you’ve known me for any period of time greater than a week, you know that I have a tendency to change my mind. A lot. I jump from interest to interest, chasing whatever brings me the most joy. I’m like a big ol’ dog just sniffin around at anything that catches my nose. If […]