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  • Randy’s Changelog v32

    Randy’s Changelog v32

    [v2.1.32] – 2022-11-06 Removed Fixed I’ve listened to this one podcast episode probably close on 10 times by now. Each time I do, I come to the realisation that I’m doing something wrong. This time was no exception. Last changelog, after talking about my game-plan for ditching the daily uploads in favour for the weekly […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v31

    Randy’s Changelog v31

    [v2.1.30] – 2022-10-30 Added communicated my goals in game dev for the next decade communicated my goals for building my game engine Deprecated daily content G’DAY! As always, hope you’ve had an excellent week full of productivity and excellent vibes. If not, no stress at all, this next one is a clean slate. Here’s what […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v30

    Randy’s Changelog v30

    [v2.1.30] – 2022-10-23 Added uploaded a bunch of videos source code for my current project and new “game engine” Changed finished Game B and uploaded it to itch temporarily switched to “writing my own game engine” as discussed in this video and started working on Game C now uploading daily on YouTube (it’s not as […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v2.29

    Randy’s Changelog v2.29

    [v2.29] – 2022-10-13 Added Uploaded minimal devlog 3 and minimal devlog 4 Did an interview with Abner Coimbre Building out My Dream Studio Site upgrade is coming soon /resources functional programming by John Carmack low level memory management solid resource on how coroutines can be useful as a replacement to a state machine the mother […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v2.28

    Randy’s Changelog v2.28

    [v2.28] – 2022-09-26 LADIES AND GENTS. I present to you, major version update 2 of this big ol’ biological meat computer. I am now officially a video game developer. Not a very good one (just yet), but I am one nonetheless. My first game Don’t Cold has been shipped to the digital shelves of, and you can download […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v1.27

    Randy’s Changelog v1.27

    Yet, my laziness only exists for these next 3 days.What will my ambition be handicapped by after that?My own imagination, I assume. [v1.27] – 2022-08-29 Added Added ‘muchas’ in front of my ‘gracias’ – feeling hella polite right now Acquired a favourite coffee shop / mobile workspace (limited to ~5 hours of shallow work each […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v1.26

    Randy’s Changelog v1.26

    [v1.26] – 2022-08-23 Added Wrapped up Ex Nihilo and made a breakdown video Allocating my time (post) Changed Moved to Argentina lmao – My Grand SIM Card Adventure (post) G’DAY! I’m jetlagged af. You can read about my recent adventures in the two posts I linked above. I won’t have a stable environment to seriously start work until 8 days time, […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v1.25

    Randy’s Changelog v1.25

    Image of the week [v1.25] – 2022-08-15 Added Made progress on Ex Nihilo (changelog) Wrote a post about freeing up time G’DAY! Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been jumping around all over the place this week when it comes to my work environment (have been out on a roadtrip with mates). As a result, this hasn’t […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v1.24

    Randy’s Changelog v1.24

    [v1.24] – 2022-08-09 Added Made a shit ton of progress on Ex Nihilo, changelog is over here NEW BLOG -> Added new table-driven code generation pattern into my brain Removed Now only eating 1 meal a day (dinner) and loading that up. Focus is now like a laser beam all throughout the day – midday lunchtime crash […]

  • Randy’s Changelog v1.23

    Randy’s Changelog v1.23

    [v1.23] – 2022-08-01 Project Legend[EX] – Ex Nihilo[R] – Personal[BMAC] – Big Monke Apex Cult Added [EX] Proper infinite canvas with chunk loading/unloading via camera view [EX] “From nothing” functionality with resting state pixels (figure 1) [BMAC] Established the Big Monke Apex Cult™ [BMAC] Intake #1 open for two new members Removed [R] My need […]