// Monthly fund income


// We're fully sustainable!


September, 19th 2021

We've just passed the first fund goal! I'm incredibly grateful and lucky to be in this situation. All of you have allowed me the freedom to pursue game development truly full-time without the constant pressure of having to stop every month to create a Devlog video.

This doesn't mean that the content will stop however, far from it. I can now have a much healthier relationship with the main channel videos and create them at my own pace from a place of passion, instead of from a place of necessity.

Also, I've recently been on a roll with (near) daily uploads on the Second Channel, which is possible thanks to the help of my lovely editors Average and Woj.

## All in all

  • Sustainable income? check
  • Sustainable content schedule? check
  • An overwhelming drive to power through game development? also check

Never before have I sat down to work on theh game without the process of "how is this going to make for good content" running in the back of my mind. I'm keen to see what will come out of it; already, it feels like a massive weight off of my shoulders.

Honestly, can't thank you all enough for giving me the means to do this. Whether you're an ongoing Twitch Primer, a raw member of the fund supporting me with your hard earned cash, or just someone watching my videos from the sideline,

thank you.


P.S - If you're a tad late to the party but would still like to support my work or find value from...

  • Stream of Conciousness Feed
  • Membership to the Crack Den™
  • Source code for RANDY.GG & Arcana
  • Access to Rando's Digital Garden (a second brain run in obsidian.md)
  • Sigma Energy Manifestation Environment Notepad (4coder custom layer)
  • This RANDY.GG Monospace font

Then I'd still be eternally grateful to have you onboard. At the time of writing, I don't need any more money, but hey, subscribing on Twitch with Prime Gaming is always free money, who doesn't love that. Be sure to link your account to get access to all of the above rewards if you do end up doing that.

If you don't have Prime, but would still like to contribute,


Much love <3