I’m always on the lookout for great people to work with. If you’re extremely passionate about what you do and think that work-life balance is a concept reserved for people who don’t like what they do, then we’d probably get along really well.

Right now all efforts are going towards shipping ARCANA while building up a killer team to tackle the next game… and then the next… and then the next…

If that sounds like something you’re down for, then shoot me an email.

Pixel Art Chad & Animator

At the moment, the biggest bottleneck in development is the animations. I’m not very good at animating, so cranking out new enemies, passive mobs, and bosses is a big bottleneck.

If you’ve got experience just Getting It Done™️ and wanna see your pixels getting shipped out continually to players in a fast paced environment. Then hit me up!

Another 10x Brogrammer

We’re always on the lookout for programmers who actually know what they’re doing.
Which of course means building out highly CLEAN code with plenty of Object Oriented abstractions and RAII goodness!
If you agree with the sentence above, then you can stop reading here.

Real talk though, we’re trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible in games. We’re working in the beautiful Jai language beta and it continues to amaze me every day with how simple and effective everything can be. It’s a brilliant language for both low level engine programming and higher level gameplay / systems programming.

I look at most games today and I see 1gb+ downloads, horrible UX, long ass loading screens, and a clusterfuck of bugs… :(
We’re looking to be an example of the exact opposite, while still shipping fast and nailing the fundamental game design.

Right now we’re zoned in on shipping a banger medium-sized game to Steam, which we just launched a demo for. There’s not a lot of scope since we’re a small team and are really just tryna nail the fundamentals while getting experience with working together.

Here’s some potential roles I think could be filled…

Gameplay Programming
This is my domain at the moment, but I’m really keen to bring someone in who knows what they’re doing and can work alongside me at this level, directly working on new content and systems for the players to enjoy.
I’m looking for people who are able to just go off and do something on their own, making a fully shippable and quality piece of content for the players, with ideally 0 input on my part with getting it to that end state.

For the next game, we’re looking to kick things up a notch with a 3D multiplayer game. Nothing massive, just simple coop gameplay with an upper limit of around 8 people (Valheim style).
None of use are hugely experienced with netcode, so we could use someone who’s got experience in that domain and knows how to fling packets around while keeping the game structure nice to program gameplay in.
At some point in a future game I’d like to go all in and make something truly unique by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with multiplayer. Massive MMO vibes. Kinda like what I think Hello Games is doin for their next project.

Anything else
If you’ve got an idea for how you can be a big value add to the team, I’d love to hear from ya!

Steam Capsule Artist

I’m looking for someone to do a banger Steam capsule, and any other high quality marketing assets that’re needed. If you’ve got experience in this domain and reckon you’d be able to cook up something amazing, then I’d love to hear from you!

3D Artist & Animator

I’m in search of someone who knows their way around Blender and can help me crank out prototype low-poly assets for the next project.

Extra bonus points if you’re great at animating.

Guitar Chad

Simply put, I’m looking for a mentor who knows their way around the fretboard. So that I can ask a bunch questions and get advice on how to step up my game.

Music / Sound Designer Homie

this role is filled, but I’m always looking for mentors.

Let’s spin up a DAW and crank out a sick OST together.

I’ve been doing all the sound design by myself so far and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I do it all in REAPER by kitbashing stuff together. I’m yet to attempt anything on the music front (aside from learning the basics), but I’d really love to learn (I’ve got a copy of Abelton Live raring to go).

I’m using FMOD for actually getting the audio into the game and would really like to pull out all the stops when it comes to creating beautiful soundscapes that evolve over time within the game events. I’ve had a bit of success with snapshots in this regard.

Ideally you’ve got experience making music for games and formating it to work with the procedural nature of things. If not though, we can always learn it as we go.

If you’re down to work with me on this and essentially be a mentor for me in this domain, I’d be very grateful!

btw here’s a playlist mood board I’ve been prepping for a while now to give you a tase of some of the vibes I’d like to hit.


Engine Brogrammer (role filled)
Director of Content (role filled)